Face to Face

I  work face to face  in my warm and welcoming therapy suite.  If you prefer to talk in person this may be the option you choose.

My therapy suite is easy to reach from Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire.  It is close to Loughborough and East Midlands Airport, and has excellent roadlinks, close to J24 and 23a of the M1 where it meets the the A42.  I have plenty of private, off road parking.  There is also a bus stop for the Skylink bus route nearby.

Working in person gives you the chance to work creatively if this is something that appeals to you.  You know what works for you and I will never pressure you to try different things.  Some clients sit still as they talk but you may find it useful to draw, write, scribble, move around or paint during our sessions.  You may prefer to fidget with a worry doll or use therapy dough as you explore what is happening in your life and how you are feeling.



Some people prefer to use the telephone to access counselling.  Perhaps I’m quite a distance from where you live.  Maybe you are housebound or just enjoy talking by telephone. 
We will not be able to see each other’s expressions, so we may need to explain what is happening for us a little more than we would face to face, but telephone counselling often works well for those who choose it.

Please be mindful that even by telephone, I work only in the UK.

You will need to be in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed during our session.  Make sure no-one in your household can overhear our conversation.  It’s also important to switch off any bluetooth connections and ensure no-one can listen in on another handset.

As the time for our session approaches settle yourself into a comfortable chair with your glass of water and your tissues handy.  I will call you and we can start our work together.


It seems a long time since Covid-19 restricted our movement and meeting, but many of us have become more familiar with online meetings for work or social interactions.  I offer online counselling only in conjunction with other forms of counselling.  Using  a secure and confidential platform, I offer online sessions on those days when it’s not possible for us to meet in person.  Online counselling has become well used during the pandemic and many people now prefer to engage in their counselling from their own home.  If you have an internet connection and a device which can support online working, blended working may be a possibility for you.

  Please be mindful that even online, I work only in the UK. 

Just like telephone working, you will need a quiet space where you can be certain you will be undisturbed during our session.  You will also need to know that you can’t be overheard by other members of your household.  I’ll send you some information with some things to think about when working online.

Get comfy and make sure you have a glass of water and some tissues to hand then click on the secure link I’ll send you and off we go. 


You may find the answer to your question by clicking on f.a.q.  If there is anything else you need to know just contact me.  I welcome comments and queries.