About counselling

What is Person-Centred Counselling?

Person-centred counselling is a non-directive approach.  It gives you the chance to discuss whatever’s on your mind, whenever you’re ready.  I see part of my role as providing the environment so we can go on this journey together.  I will try to understand how you feel as you tell me what’s happened to you.  I will try to provide a space where you feel comfortable to tell your story, express your thoughts and feelings and be heard and as you explain how you feel, I will listen without judging you, so that you can find a way forward that will be right for you. Together we may begin to unpeel the layers for you to understand why you are feeling the way you are.

  We are all individuals with unique reactions to our life experiences.  I will work with you at a pace with which you feel comfortable and together we can explore the issues that trouble you.

What issues can counselling help with?

Clients come to counselling for many different reasons and at very different stages in their lives.  You can come with goals you want to achieve and we can work towards them or you can come with feelings you don’t understand.  We can gently brush away the surface feelings to discover what is going on for you.  There may be a pattern of behaviour that you don’t like in yourself and you want to work out how to change it or you may be wanting to think about your relationship with someone in your life.  You may want to confront past trauma or you may want to work on your self-esteem.  The reasons clients step into the counselling room are as varied as the clients themselves.  Click on the pictures to find out more.


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